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Buzzell Consulting, LLC

Welcome to Buzzell Consulting, LLC

Welcome to Buzzell Consulting, LLC

"Janelle has the experience and the ability to go into an organization and start up the entire operation from scratch. She knows how to get control of events and has the knowledge to deal with any problems that surface. She's great in working with staff, has extraordinary  leadership abilities and the focus to get any business on track." ‐‐ Bob Falcone

About Us


Why Choose Us

Whether an emerging business or a going concern reaching for the next level, Buzzell Consulting helps get you there.  

As  an entrepreneur, you understand the importance of having a clear picture of your bottom line when it comes to growing your business and turning your vision into reality.  Buzzell Consulting keeps that picture in focus through an array of services including cash flow analysis, budgeting, accounting systems development and interfacing with key financial partners.  

Buzzell Consulting specializes in emerging to medium sized businesses.  We fulfill the role of Controller, Director of Finance or VP Finance.  We provide the oversight and direction of our clients' financial management.  

Our approach is anchored in integrity, accountability, and leadership with your peach of mind as our goal.  

"Janelle helped with the business plan and was instrumental in putting together the financial model that showed that we knew what we were doing, so getting a business loan was not an issue. The cash flow model she created for us allows us to make the right decisions and feel very comfortable about the path we're on. Her integrity is beyond reproach, which is very important when you're opening your business' finances to a consultant. She's straightforward in her advice and is always coming from the standpoint of what's best for my business, so I know that I can confidently grow it. How do you put a price tag on that type of peace of mind that allows you to sleep at night? I know that with Janelle, I've got someone who can provide big picture visibility as well as the practical experience that's required for day to day operations." ‐‐ Tim Healea, Owner, little t american baker


Who We Are

  From a young age Janelle has loved the challenge of solving puzzles and working with numbers. That passion has never left her culminating in the launch of her own business finance consultancy in 1992. Today, Buzzell Consulting is a financial consulting firm founded on the core principals of integrity, honesty, and a commitment to ensuring every client's success, and serves the needs of start-up and emerging businesses in a wide variety of industries including services, distribution, light manufacturing, and software.

    Janelle particularly enjoys the challenge of helping diverse businesses define the road map to success by implementing sound financial management practices and creating an infrastructure that will withstand growth and economic cycles. One of the other aspects of her work is interacting with the people at all levels of an organization and watching them and their companies grow.   

Janelle is a Portland-area native and holds an MBA from Portland State University, and a BS from the University of Oregon. When not helping companies reach their goals, you'll likely find Janelle and her husband of nearly 20 years hitting the road on their Harley - she's been to Sturgis 3 times, Daytona Bike Week, and Hollister Bike Week. Janelle is also committed to supporting the community through volunteer work, and loves the outdoors, whether in her garden or in the wilderness at a campsite. She and her husband are also walked daily by their Weimeraner, Reign, who is by all accounts, the perfect companion.   

"My working relationship with Janelle has always been as her employee and I do know the qualities that make her an asset to her employer. She is honest, energetic, driven, committed, and always makes a difference ‐ not only to the company's bottom line, but also to the efficiency and work flow of the company. Her MBA says she has the education to do the job, but it's all of these traits along with her experience, organizational skills and interpersonal skills that make her stand out.

I can tell you that she treats her employees fairly and reasonably and always makes her expectations known. She will help mentor employees as needed and leave them alone to do their job when she knows they're capable." ‐‐ Karen McConkey, Controller, Totem Steel International.


What we do

Buzzell Consulting will work with you to implement budgeting processes and controls to guide the team to a realistic budget. With Buzzell Consulting you'll put together a budget for operating your business that will give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you're running your business within its means. As part of the budgeting process, Buzzell Consulting will review your current practices and provide an assessment of your company budget's strengths and weaknesses, so you can capitalize on what's working and fix what isn't.  Describe the mission of your consulting business.

Cash Flow Management
Buzzell Consulting will provide the experience and guidance you need to establish best practices for managing your cash flow, both incoming and outgoing. And with years of experience in corporate finance, Buzzell Consulting will provide the cash flow analysis that's key to implementing not just the best practices, but the right ones for your specific business and industry.

Accounting Systems
Buzzell Consulting brings years of experience in corporate finance and an uncommon depth of knowledge in accounting systems and how to leverage and manage them, so that you'll be confident about the results. From accounting systems selection through implementation and management, Buzzell  
 Consulting will ensure that you not only have the right tools in place, but that your team understands their role with and how to use it properly. 

  Sound financial stewardship, particularly in this day and age, has never been more important. Without a senior‐level corporate finance person in your organization, it's critical to work with a partner whose reputation is founded on integrity, objectivity, and long history of empowering clients to reach their business goals. Buzzell Consulting is the partner you've been looking for.  

Financial Management Consulting
For emerging and medium sized businesses there's typically more demand on your income (cash) than there is income (cash). Knowing which expenses will help your position and how to manage those that won't is the key to your financial well being. Buzzell Consulting works with clients as an 'executive‐for‐a‐ day' type role, filling the position of Controller, Director of Finance or VP of Finance.     

“We really respect Janelle ‐ she's a gem! She has a rare mix of experience that enables her to see the big picture, and is willing to grind through the details that a start up must deal with to be able to get up and running quickly. In a world filled where integrity and ethics are harder and harder to find, Janelle's integrity is a refreshing thing for a business owner to find in a consultant. I've never had to doubt that Janelle's advice was in the best interests of my company. She's also got a great sense of humor and has the ability to interact well with every level of the organization… I'd hire her again in a heartbeat!" ‐‐ Paul Nadeau, CFO, SignaCert, Inc.